March 23, 2014 Spring is here!

Spring is officially here, and we are all hoping there’ll be no more snow until next year.  I really miss the days when I was able to help organize and host gatherings for my family and friends.  Fred has always loved to cook and entertain.  These last few years, we’ve not been able to have many parties at our home.  When we do have small groups for one of Fred’s delicious dinners or brick oven pizza, I’m not able to be very helpful.  These days, I always need a ride to join friends for lunch, book club or any social gathering.  When I leave my house for an outing, I need an arm from a friend or family member to help me walk on uneven surfaces, help to carry a plate of food and help to get up and say hello to people.

It’s been difficult, because I truly enjoy talking with people and of course, making them laugh.  I’ve been isolated and frustrated and I am hoping that HSCT can help me get my mobility and life back.

My blog and fundraising site has been up for a little over a week. Friends and family from all over the world, and neighbors from my wonderful community have been contributing toward my goal and sending me their good wishes.  I am grateful and very appreciative for each and every donation, good thought and prayer.  I get teary with each new bit of support.

I have my first sponsor! Thank you Erin from Roll Up N Dye!!! Check out her awesome work! I’m still looking for a venue for a benefit event.

Several people have asked me what they can do to help fundraise.  Please let me know any ideas you have to help.  I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with a huge fundraiser.  Small fundraisers of any kind are fine. You don’t have to ask me for permission.  If you need flyers or anything please let me know. Friends and family are gathering items for a benefit auction. Let me know if you have any connections for a local venue or a restaurant that can donate a portion of their proceeds for an evening.  I still have a long way to go.

More good news – I have applied for my visa, arranged for flights and hotel for my  HSCT Travel Team! My sister, Marian, and her husband, Robert, will be accompanying me to Moscow on June 14th.  Special thanks to Chris Foster, Richard Leitner and Robert Cohen for donating miles for the flights and to David Simon for donating his AMEX points for flights and hotel.

On February 2nd, Dr. Fedorenko accepted me for treatment and reserved a spot for me to arrive mid June.  Currently, the patients who are accepted are given a mid March, 2015 arrival date.  I was lucky to hear about HSCT when I did : )
Information about HSCT is spreading quickly worldwide due to a wonderful 60 minute Australia segment featuring Kristy Cruise and her journey from Australia to Moscow for HSCT and amazing recovery.

I do not expect to be jogging after HSCT!  My goal is to stop the progression and hopefully some of my symptoms.  Thank you so much for reading my blog and for your support and prayers.
Please continue to share my story with your friends and family.  I’m trying to get as many people as possible to learn about HSCT for autoimmune disorders.


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