April 1, 2014 HSCT Media Madness

Word is spreading about HSCT and Multiple Sclerosis!   I’m really happy that so many who’ve had the treatment have gotten media coverage recently.  People from all over the world are learning about HSCT and it will become a familiar term soon.

Yesterday, Vicki Wilson was interviewed on Good Morning Arkansas.  She had HSCT 6 months ago in Moscow, and had PPMS just like me!  Only 10% of people with MS have Primary Progressive MS, and most HSCT facilities will not treat PPMS patients.  I’ve been closely following her amazing  journey back to health!

Here is a link to her interview:

Brooke Slick and Diana Chambers Rees were also interviewed yesterday on Central PA Live-         Brooke had HSCT for MS a year ago in Moscow and Diana is heading to Moscow in two weeks!


Here is the link to the Central PA Live interview:

This is the link to an interview with Carol on 3AW Radio in Melbourne, Australia discussing her HSCT in Moscow.  Carol had HSCT less than one month ago.


Please share their stories with people you know who have MS, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scleroderma, and other autoimmune diseases who could benefit from HSCT. 



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