April 27, 2014 Quick Fundraising Update

I’m so happy to share the information about the fundraisers coming up.
The first Fundraiser was our Yard Sale this Saturday, April 26th.  Friends and family donated items to be sold.  Judy Larson and Eileen Newman spent all afternoon the day before the yard sale sorting and tagging items.  Dana, Greg and Adam helped all evening and I really appreciate all their help!
We had a beautiful sunny day and had many visitors who helped find new homes for some of our old treasures.  It was really nice to be outside- I haven’t spent that much time outside the house in a very long time!  I got many new freckles : )
After a long day, we made $550.  Some might say it was a lot of effort for little reward, but every little bit helps!  Adam and I also got to see some of our lovely friends and neighbors, and met some very sweet people from our community.

Friday, May 9th is the Yoga Class/Happy Hour/Silent Auction night.
Two dear friends, Harriet Hill and Kathleen Newell have helped me gather donations from local businesses.  Kathleen went on her own and Harriet had the pleasure of my company + my rollator.  I’m sure we did not move as quickly as Kathleen!  We’ve received gift certificates from local businesses like UPS, Lowe’s, Ledo’s Pizza, Noaks Ark, Ace Hardware, Squisito’s, a Beer Brewing kit, gift bags from Pat’s Hallmark and The Hair Cuttery, a Raven’s Gift basket from Imprinted Sportswear, teeth Whitening from Mc Carl Dental Group, Justine’s homemade honey, Caitlin’s photography portrait session , Under Armour and more.
Hellas will be donating a food platter and we’ll have wine and cheese after the yoga hour.  It will be a fun night!  If you live near Severna Park, we would love to see you!
Holly Cotton will be leading the yoga class and she is awesome!!!
For information and tickets, please click this link:


I’m also excited about the Memorial Weekend 5K run/walk in Bethany Beach, DE. This fundraiser is being put together by some of my friends at the beach.  I’m not even sure who has been recruited to help. They are doing ALL the planning and I will be delighted with what ever they have arranged. I feel like I’m running on empty these days, so a fundraiser that does not include me in the preparation is really what I need right now!

I am totally overwhelmed by all the love, support and donations I have received since I announced my intention to travel to Moscow for HSCT.  I appreciate everyones good wishes, prayers and reminders of my strength of character, spirit, optimism, tenacity and bravery.  I thank all of you and am truly grateful.  I am so blessed to have such generous friends, family and neighbors.

I’m still looking for more fundraising ideas and help.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions for events….large or small!


5 Comments on “April 27, 2014 Quick Fundraising Update”

  1. Debbie says:

    Nancy – I am so happy that all went well. I am interested in attending the yoga fundraiser. What time on Friday, May 9th is it? I couldn’t find the link for information. Thinking of you and praying for you each day! Debbie Chiarello

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Eddie Nash says:

    Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Joan Rhoades says:

    so happy that Harriet and Kathleen are helping…if I was there you know I would too…wish I could do more…xoxoxox ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Joan,
      They have been so wonderfully helpful. Harriet takes off work to help me, and Kathleen is helping even though she has so much going on and is scheduled for shoulder surgery! I know you would be helping along with them if you did not live across the country : )
      xoxoxo ❤ right back at you!


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