May 10, 2014 Yoga+Happy Hour+Auction=Successful


43 people came for Yoga!

Thank you so much Holly Cotton for leading a wonderful yoga class!  Everyone loved it!
We were a close group : )
Shipley’s Clubhouse was a perfect venue for the evening!  There was enthusiastic bidding on the auction items.  McCarl Dental  Group was so generous to offer the same deal for the top 3 bidders for the in home teeth whitening kit!
The auction and raffle was a tremendous success thanks to a team of hardworking helpers who gave their time and energy to help me.  I seem to always be running low on both!  Kathleen, John, Sue, Harriet and Adam helped the evening run smoothly.  We raised $4750 at the event!   I appreciate everyones encouragement and support.  Thank you to  those who helped  with the set up and clean up.  It was a long night, but it was a lot of fun : )
We’ve officially raised over one third of what I will need for my treatment and expenses!


Joanna shows off her new dress donated by Roll Up’N Dye!

Still looking for a venue for a tie dye event.  All I need is 200 children/adults and room for a few tables.
If anyone knows a school or any group who might be interested in a fun afternoon, please let me know!


2 Comments on “May 10, 2014 Yoga+Happy Hour+Auction=Successful”

  1. I’ll be on the 3rd floor before I know it : )


  2. goodbyeMS says:

    That is so wonderful!! You are well on your way 🙂 xoxo


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