May 30, 2014 5K was an amazing success!

There are really no words to express the thanks for the love and support shown by our Bay Road Beach friends and neighbors.  We had beautiful weather, a great turnout, delicious home brewed beer and a lot of laughs.  Although Megan and Karen Newcomer did the majority of the planning, there are too many friends to even mention who helped make the 5 K a huge success – so i just want to say a huge THANK YOU to EVERYONE who came, ran, walked, hugged me and wished me well!!!

Race highlights:  Sari came in first, of course.  Jonathan dove over the finish line in second place.  Greg gracefully limboed into third.  Molly Franklin was the fastest kid on the block!  The biggest surprise for me was the festive lemonade stand on the beach!  Molly, Maeve, Ellie, Lily, Emily and Molly sold lemonade, water and coffee.  They donated all their proceeds to a worthy cause – ME!  These kids are amazingly wonderful to me every summer.  They visit and chat, take the puppies on walks and help me walk on the beach too!  Thank so much to the Bay Road kids and their parents who taught them well : )

At the end of the weekend, a trained professional gave me a haircut in preparation for my trip.  I was expecting a short buzz cut, but he had other ideas : )  Thank you to my son, Jonathan!

I  am almost halfway to my fundraising goal and I’m leaving in two weeks.  Am I a little concerned?  You bet I am! Help!  Time to put on your fundraising thinking caps.  Allie Prout has been brainstorming and has reached out to others for their support.  She has been  a great help to me already, and now is coordinating a bake sale/SnoBall fundraiser as part of the Marina Day Celebration at the Jabin Yacht Yard in Annapolis!

My suitcase is out and I’ve started packing.  Thank goodness there have been many people who’ve had HSCT all over the world and there are packing lists for me to peruse.  I’m trying to just pack the essentials….50 lbs of essentials!

I would also to thank everyone for their donations!  It is very heartwarming to receive checks, cash, paypal donations and warm loving wishes from friends, family, neighbors, patients who have had or are planning on having HSCT, complete strangers who’ve read my blog, the grandma of a friend of a family friend, the man that got me a rollator through my insurance plan, and patients who know Adam  from Annapolis Family Physical Therapy where he works as an aide.  Every time he goes to work or I go to physical therapy, there is an envelope waiting with donations for me : )
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Here are some of the photos from the 5K in Bethany Beach, DE and my latest haircut!


Lemonade stand on the beach!

Lemonade stand on the beach!

Sari came in 1st place!

Sari came in 1st place!

Lucy waiting with me at the finish line.


Bay Road kids : )


That’s Lucy and Desi on my lap!




Everyone got to cross the finish line!


Modified, dignified Danaland!



















2 Comments on “May 30, 2014 5K was an amazing success!”

  1. Love you too! But, you know that : )


  2. Annie says:

    You look gorgeous with the new haircut!
    Looks like a fun time was had at the 5k on the beach.
    Love ya!


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