June 17, 2014 Testing today – Day 2

Nurse Sveltvana woke me up very gently at 6:45am.  Her job was to swab a few orifices.  She was gentle : )
Nurse Galina woke me at 8:15 to draw blood.  That went very well too.
I had already provided a urine sample around 5am, so I was still sleepy.
Breakfast was just delivered at 8:40.  It was placed on the fridge, not my table.  She (did not stay long enough for me to ask her name) shook her head and finger and said, “No.”
I’m still fasting for a bit more : )

We had our pulmonary and cardiac function tested and our veins were checked for any signs of thrombosis via ultrasound. It was just a short walk away.  Everyone was really sweet and explained what we needed to do. Anastasia was with us to help translate too.
I was so happy when we were allowed to eat, but mostly I was so tired.
I had a few bites to eat and it was time for my MRI.  The MRI machine is located far away.  There is an intricate underground tunnel system with many twists and turns.  The staff has their own favorite way to go, but still can learn a new way when they are wheeling two of us to our destination. Laying on the MRI table caused my legs and hands to get numb halfway through the testing.  I was really uncomfortable, but kept breathing and dreaming.
I was wheeled back to my room and had a bit more to eat.  Marian and Robert came and it was time to go back through the tunnel for my X-ray.  My lower back was throbbing and my legs continued to be numb.  I believe this is a lumbar problem and not related to MS.  I tried deep breathing to stay calm and distract myself.

I was wheeled back to my room for a real meal and I slept for a few hours. Dr. Fedorenko came for a visit.  I asked if I could take my own 800 mg Advil and get some ice for my back.  Both helped a lot and I was much more comfortable. He gave me his cell #, in case I needed him during the night.  My old iphone 4 will not make any calls here.  If I ever need to speak to Dr. Fedorenko, I’ll call the nurse first.
Marian and Robert told me about their day of touring Red Square and visiting Lenin’s tomb with Matt,  Andrea’s husband.  I wish I could go touring with them, but I have my own mission in Moscow!

I showered and asked the nurse about doing my laundry.  She was very helpful and wanted to know if I wanted my dark and light clothes laundered separately : )  I was so happy to have clean clothes, no worries about mixing everything together!  Bedtime for me!

I’m trying to learn a little more Russian every day.  Some sounds are not familiar at all.  Anastasia says the ‘th’ sound is not one the Russians use.  I’m looking forward to seeing Sheila and her husband Dan tomorrow.


9 Comments on “June 17, 2014 Testing today – Day 2”

  1. Barbara Gewirtz says:

    I’ve been living in a predominantly Russian building for almost seven years. I mostly just use Khorosho, Spaseeba (or Spasibo), Pazhalooysta, Da sveedaneeya and Meenya zavoot Barbara. Kak vas zavoot? (Good, Thank you, You’re welcome, Good Bye and My name is Barbara. What’s your name?)

    On occasion, I say Good day, Good afternoon, etc. too.

    Also, Ya nee paneemayoo comes in handy! (I don’t understand!) I’m sure you’ll come home with many more phrases.

    I wish I could say, “To your health” in all languages!! 😍💋


    • I know all of those and more! My ‘good’ is more like Harasho.
      Neplo – ha is not bad. Plo-ha is bad. Kak dela is how are you?
      Paka is bye! Not sure if Paka Paka is bye bye!!!
      I’ve been studying…in my spare time : )


  2. Stacey K says:

    You are truly remarkable – – remember – the easiest Russian word is “STOLI” (Stolichnaya)!! xx and good things!!!!


  3. Mary says:

    Off to a great start. praying for you


    • There has not been one blog from Moscow that I have not learned something new. Everyone comes from a different place, so it’s always good to get a new perspective!
      Today was a much easier day for me & I hope to hear some good news tomorrow : )


  4. ximena says:

    Thanks for sharing all this info with us. I know I’ve read it from other blogs before too, but it’s so exciting to read it sort of ‘live’ from Moscow. Part of my ‘getting ready’ for next year I guess. All the best tonight. Try to rest. 🙂


  5. Natalie says:

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us Nancy xx


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