June 18th – a bit more testing – Day 3

I’m glad I got the majority of the testing over yesterday.  Jet lag, hunger, and numb limbs are not a great combination.  Today I am back to feeling like Nancy once again.  I think I made a few people concerned about my well being yesterday.  So sorry.

Luba came in and asked there was anything she could do for me.  She made me tea, brought me clean towels and was really helpful. She was trying to assess the level of help I would need and asked if I could walk on my own.

I was told not to eat again this morning in preparation for the abdominal and pelvic ultrasound testing.
Dr. Fedorenko told me last night that it was ok for me to drink water and tea.  I get really thirsty and am not used to salty food at all.

Maria performed my ultrasound.  She apologized for her lack of English, but was able to ask me if I had eaten. “No.” Then she asked how many millimeters I had to drink today.  I had no idea, whatsoever.  She asked how many children I had and was impressed that I had 3.  She has one 8 year old daughter who is very sweet and loving, but likes to sleep too  much.  I  told her I did too : )
When she wanted me to breathe in, she said, “Abdomen up”. Ludmila was the tech who helped her.  She made sure I got up slowly, so I would not be dizzy. When I asked her name, she told me the doctor’s name.  She was surprised that I wanted to know who she was.
* It is interesting for me to see that the office, computer, desks etc. and administrative work is done in the same room as all the testing.  There are curtains, but it is one large room.  In the USA, there are always separate exam rooms and offices.  Let me know how it is in ‘your’ country if you have a chance. So far the equipment used has been made by GE and Siemens.  As far as ring tones on phones, I’ve heard the Beatles, “Yesterday”, and today the theme song from The Godfather.

I had breakfast after testing.  Porridge and a single egg.  I only get one egg and am happy that Stevie does not eat eggs.  Carol delivered his egg to me!!!  I am also happy that Maxwell House does make coffee you can count on!  My first little pouch of instant coffee with powdered milk was a perfect breakfast beverage.

Marian and Robert came after breakfast.  The ATM machine at the Vega did not disperse their money and did not return their card.  The concierge at the Vega solved the problem quickly and  the ATM card was retrieved.

Sheila and Dan arrived this morning and are meeting everyone and getting settled.

The final testing was done by the Opthamologist. Visual Field test, glaucoma, vision etc. and the testing is complete.  Tomorrow, Dr. Fedorenko will go over the results with us.  I’m going to bed early tonight!!!

The WORD LENS app works well.  While maybe not an exact translation, a lot can be figured out using the app.




and for food items



Cottage Cheese Soft is Yogurt : )

Cottage Cheese Soft is Yogurt : )

Nurses Station on the 3rd floor

Nurses Station on the 3rd floor

This is a scale!

This is a scale!


One more important note:   When someone offers you a thermometer, don’t assume you should put it in your mouth.  I did and it was not the right spot.  No, not there either, thank goodness.  They put it under the armpit!


5 Comments on “June 18th – a bit more testing – Day 3”

  1. Terri Arnold says:

    So funny to hear you say Maxwell Coffee was a welcomed, familiar ‘treat.’ It is wonderful you are finding these small cultural bridges. Blessing you with love & strength to walk this unfamiliar territory. 🙂


  2. Joan Cleary says:

    You’re looking good! I love the hair cut! How nice to be in Russia and hear “yesterday” ring tones. A little bit of home. Good luck with the test results tomorrow!


  3. Peggy says:

    So happy you let us know what is happening everyday. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Bay Road is awaiting your return!


  4. Joan Rhoades says:

    SO glad to hear from you and you are so good at telling what’s going on…I can get a pretty good picture of it all!!! THANK YOU! you are on my mind a lot and I so admire the courage you have to go through this…I know it is all for the best and still you are one COURAGEOUS woman!!! Perhaps a book is the next career move for you…you are such a good writer…<3 ❤ ❤


  5. Eddie Nash says:

    I have heard that thermometer story more than once. It USED TO BE “THERE!” Your story telling let’s us all BE THERE with you!


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