June 20, 2014 Stem Cell Stimulation Begins – not enough funds for payment – Day 5

I’m calm about the treatment beginning.  I’ve received my first dose of steroids this morning.
However, I’m extremely nervous that I have not raised enough funds to pay for the treatment.
I hoping some wonderful benefactor  will come through at the last minute. Time will tell.


First day of treatment, steroids before tonights Neupogen subcutaneous shot

First day of treatment, steroids before the Neupogen subcutaneous shots tonight.

Yesterday,  7 of us left the hospital grounds.  It was my first shopping trip to a local grocery store.  I made it down half one aisle and my iphone was gone.  I got dill, cilantro, arugula, tomatoes and cucumbers.  Not my best day.

I think this is the guy who swiped my phone,

I think this is the guy who swiped my phone.  Still happy I have tomatoes.

Irina is on the cleaning staff and she’s a medical assistant too.  She works 24 hour days, smiles and teaches me Russian too.  She’s going on vacation for 10 days, but I will see her when she returns.

Irina is on the cleaning staff and has many other skills too!!!

The wonderful Irina!

tried to find my phone, but only my ipad showed up.

tried to find my phone, but only my ipad showed up.

Marian and Robert came during breakfast.  We tidied up and got organized once again.  Tried to unsuccessfully  set up viber on my ipad now that my phone is awol.  Had trouble with skype as well.   While I was figuring out if there was any way to get my phone back, Marian and Robert went searching for more supplies for me.


Robert had a fun adventure!


He was a beautiful damsel.

                                                                                         They did some exploring along the way.

IMG_0429 IMG_0427Back at the hospital, we gathered for some bonding.  Marian has to stay covered, although we are not sure why.
At least she should have served us food : )

DSCN3331 DSCN3328

Sheila had undergone a full day of  testing.  Carol may have been picking up her son, Harry from the airport.

Gates to the church

Gates to the church







Beautiful church, but not handicap accessible.  We're going in today anyway.

Beautiful church, but not handicap accessible. We’re going in today anyway.


A rare photo of Robert smiling !

A rare photo of Robert smiling!






Marian tried to take many photos because it was her last day in Moscow with me.

Marian tried to take many photos because it was her last day in Moscow with me.

                                                                Beautiful Church right outside the entrance to our rooms.


I love interesting door knockers : )

another interesting knocker with a cross

another interesting knocker with a cross

                                                                               We explored and found a beautiful green house.



Taking photos of the green house


someone takes good care of all the plants

someone takes good care of all the plants


An old beautiful lock



                                        Marian and Robert’s last day.  They tried to take as many photos as possible.

photo op : )

photo op : )


elevator selfie

Irina is going to be missed!


16 Comments on “June 20, 2014 Stem Cell Stimulation Begins – not enough funds for payment – Day 5”

  1. Joan Hatfield says:

    thinking of you every day, sending good thoughts and prayers. sorry about your phone. US tied Portugal in the World Cup. Take care. Joan


  2. srihmSheila says:

    To all of the friends and family of Nancy, I just wanted to let you know that you have a lovely wife, mother and friend. She is such a delight to be with. I would not be here if it would not have been for Nancy. She is the one that pushed me to send my paperwork into Russia. I am so blessed to be here with her. Her sister and brother-in-law were so kind and helpful. I know my time here with Nancy will be such a blessing. I’m praying that her fundraising continues to grow as I know it’s very stressful to be worried about that and to go through this treatment. I know there are many people that love this women and want to help her. Thank you Lord for bringing this woman into my life to share this experience with!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sheila,
      Thanks so much. Not sure I can stop crying. You know I need you as much as you need me. We are a great support team and I’m so glad I encouraged you to apply for treatment here. Meeting Dan and seeing how caring and loving he is to you and how helpful he is to all of us here is so heartwarming. OK. I’m calming down. I love you, your compassion and your strength!
      For you to wheel in to check on me is such a sweet thing to do too. I will visit after I do my exercises!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
      PS I fell today and managed to get my self up after a bit…


  3. Jen W. says:

    Hi Nancy, I haven’t met you yet but I’m a neighbor/friend from Shipley’s. Sending you blessings and just a small donation from Maryland. I have all fingers and toes crossed for you— may you find success with these treatments!


    • Jennifer, I saw the donation and saw you were a neighbor. I’m looking for any kind of donation to help me meet my goal and yours really touched me. I thank you and Al and I do hope to meet you in person to thank you again. Please feel free to share my blog with anyone you know that has or knows someone with an autoimmune disease. We are so grateful to be able to get the help we need. Sending you all my love.


  4. Joan Rhoades says:

    so sorry about your phone…I guess there are people who do crappy things everywhere!!! glad you have iPad…wonderful pictures…you look so healthy and strong…and it is so great that you will be able to BE THAT after this process…I understand it doesn’t reverse everything…but at least MS stops progressing…YEA!!! xoxox


    • Dearest Joan, We have a video of a man near me and 4 seconds later, I could not find my phone.
      My sister was trying to take a photo, but had it on the wrong mode. It’s inconvenient, but it’s just a thing. Now, I will be forced to figure out all the nuances of my ipad : )


  5. brookeslick says:

    I’m so glad things are going so well. Irina is the one who shaved my head. She used to talk to me about her “garden” in her “village” and her beautiful daughter. She is so sweet. Happy, happy, happy for you!


  6. Eddie Nash says:

    Wendy and I are so very happy for you!


  7. Barbara Gewirtz says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the theft of your iphone. I did try to call you yesterday and again this morning, before reading of what happened. There was no answer either time.

    Howl like Desi if you must. Do whatever you need to do to feel good and keep up your spirits.

    I hope you are able to set up Viber on your ipad. It was great to be able to hear your voice. In any case, keep on keepin’ on!

    We’ll hear more about you when Marian and Robert return. Looking forward to that! Enjoy that veggie salad (while you are still able to eat raw foods.)

    Til next time…soon, xo


    • Lots of lovely and lively people here! Everything will work out well if I can pay the hospital bill. Still quite short. Marian are Robert helped me so much. I have a good team here now! Spirits are good!


  8. Sigrid says:

    Wonderful Nancy ! Sorry about your phone though !


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