June 21, 2014 – Beautiful day for a group stroll – Day 6

Spoke with Dr. Fedorenko about getting fresh fruits and vegees with each meal.  I’m not in isolation yet!
Immediately, Luda brought me a banana!!!  More good news…a bit more exciting than the banana.
Sheila Rihm had her talk with Dr. Fedorenko and she has been accepted for treatment.  Although, we recently officially met, we’ve been fb friends for many years and have chatted on the phone too : )
I’m so very happy for her and her family.

Dr. Fedorenko wants us to be healthy and happy.  He asks if the bed is ok and  if the nurses and support staff are taking good care of us.  He gives us our daily schedule and his schedule as well.  We have his cell # handy,  We are all feeling safe, nurtured  and well taken care of  medically.  We are given fresh shower towels and ample toilet paper.  I think he’s gone above and beyond taking care of just our medically related needs.

I went for a walk with Carol, Stevie, their son Harry (from London)  this afternoon.   Church was closed, but we looked around it again.  I’m expecting it will be open on Sunday : )

The funds needed for my treatment are slowly coming in.  As difficult as it was to fundraise from home, it’s even more difficult here.  Thank you for todays donations :  friends from far out west that have donated before, and from those down south who have helped me on numerous occasions, and from my  wonderful neighbors in Shipleys.  Hope to thank you all  in person one day!!!

XOXOX – any corporate sponsors  who might be able to help out?

Thank you all for your support!!!



3 Comments on “June 21, 2014 – Beautiful day for a group stroll – Day 6”

  1. Eddie Nash says:

    Just a thought Nancy. Are there any medical supply companies you have done business with in the past (wheel chair, drug stores etc) That might be contacted and ask. “I have done a lot of business with you would you please help me and I will share your name with others who may need what you sell. I can tell them how wonderful you were even though I will be spending less. And this shows how caring you are!”


  2. Joan Rhoades says:

    all good news!!! I will send a check…same as last time…wish I could do more…picture the goal being met! BELIEVE it will be met! KNOW it will be met…KNOW IT IS MET! picture money flowing in to the pool!!! the MONEY pool!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 xoxoxox


    • Dearest Joan,
      Thank you so much. You know I really appreciate it. I’ll give you the new address. We are at 1716 Reynolds Street, Crofton, MD 21114. Adam can put it in the bank for me and I will add it to my total asap. I do expect to see you and Harriet in August, so stay healthy for me : )
      Muah!!! love you so much xoxoxoxo
      You are always so positive and loving.


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