June 22nd – Stimulation shots & Steroids – Day 7

I woke up to my 500 ml steroid infusion at 9:30 am.  Nurse gave me omerprazole to help coat my stomach.  I take it twice a day – once before breakfast and once before dinner.  It makes me think of Fred and another dear friend who also takes it.  Neupogen  subcutaneous injections  are given at 11 pm and 3 am and then I go back to sleep once again.  The stem cells should be overflowing soon and moving from my bone marrow into  my bloodstream for easy collection. Tonight should be the 3rd night out of 4.
Dr. Fedorenko comes in to talk to us a few times a day, even on the weekends.  Anastasia is here on her day off as well.   We are well taken care of in every way.  I asked for extra eggs and fresh fruit and got two eggs and a lovely fresh orange this morning.

We are planning a pizza party for this afternoon.  Ok, I planned it, but others will go to scout out the location and bring it back for the less mobile of the group.  I fell today, so I may not venture out too far today.
Unfortunately,  the pizza place was closed.  The 8 of us polished off a lovely bottle of vodka along with fresh strawberries, cherries, cookies, gluten free crackers and some peanut m & m’s.

Sheila and Stevie

Sheila and Stevie

We were thinking of having a pizza party, but our plans changed : )

We were thinking of having a pizza party, but our plans changed : )

Carol did the shopping  with Harry and Stevie.

Carol did the shopping with Harry and Stevie.

Matt and Andrea

Matt and Andrea

Dan joined us too!

Dan joined us too!

The party's over!

The party’s over!

Oops!  Only 7 were at the party.  Harry was missing & Marian and  Robert are home, but planning to com back to help me  get home!!!

I appreciate  the donations that are still coming in every  day!  No donation is too small and non are too large.

I feel your love!


5 Comments on “June 22nd – Stimulation shots & Steroids – Day 7”

  1. Andrea says:

    Hey,Matt and I didn’t make any pics:(


  2. Barbara Gewirtz says:

    Mom takes omerprazole as a stomach coater too, so you can all think of each other as well! Lovely that you are the party planner. The fixin’s sound great! Marian just called to share how impressed she was by everything! So good to hear and so glad that she is able to come back. xo


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