June 23 – Catheter insertion for stem cell collection – Day 8

No more neupogen injections. I was waiting my turn for the jugular catheter placement.  Stevie was first, I was to go second, but was bumped by Andrea.  So I will wait a bit more.  Carol and Sheila have been a constant source of love and support.  They will do anything to help everyone who is here.  Hatice and Kellie arrived today and we’ve met her aunt, Rosemary.  We will meet Kellie soon : )  Judi came and will be on the second floor for a few days.

The anesthesiologist and the resident were extremely helpful and explained everything before and during the procedure.  Nurse Najeerzdah held my hand the entire time.  There was a slight pinch for the anesthesia and then some pressure.  No worries AT ALL !!!

It will be an early night for me.  I’ve been told I have an early wake up call to have my stem cells harvested!!!








My dear friend Stevie and I after our jugular catheter insersion.


windy underground tunnel system


Ira waiting with us to check the placement of the catheters via an x ray.