June 27- New smaller Jugular catheter insertion – Day 12


Sheila also got all the stem cells necessary in one day! We will start chemo together on Saturday.


15 year anniversary for Matt and Andrea!


John and Judi also celebrated their 43rd anniversary in Moscow!

After my day of rest, I’m ready to get my new, smaller jugular catheter for the four days of chemo.


I’m in good hands.  Two English speaking anesthesiologists, Nurse Najeerdah to hold my hand, strength from Jean and Vtine and I’m ready to go




Everything went according to plan. Dr. Fedorenko stopped by to check on me : )


view from the window in the Xray department.


The grounds are very lovely, but I’ve not been out much.


10 Comments on “June 27- New smaller Jugular catheter insertion – Day 12”

  1. Phyllis & Saul says:

    Nancy, We are sending you love and blessings as you fight to conquer your MS. Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Love, Phyllis and Saul


    • Dearest Phyllis and Saul,
      Good things happen to those who are patient. Your dreams came true and I hope mine do too!!!
      I treasure your friendship and will be so happy to see you settled and fulfilling your destiny.


  2. Eddie Nash says:

    Nancy, THAT SMILE is so wonderful to see! Remember, I told you that you would DO THIS! You are on your way to a restoration!


  3. Barbara Gewirtz says:

    Here’s to your Chemo Dream Team of Dr. F, nurses, assistants, aides, etc. and to your chemo comrades. You have an amazing group of caretakers, an amazing group of fellow and sister patients and you, my sister, are amazing in going full force to kick this PPMS to the curb! xo


  4. Annie says:

    Joan said it for all of us….It is all so amazing and so are you!

    Nancy, thank you for sharing this with all of us so we know what you are going through.
    You are still gorgeous without your hair – the same Nancy we all know and love.
    Will be thinking of you during the chemo, knowing you will get through it as it attacks your MS.
    Hang in there and think good things for the future.
    Love you always, Annie


    • Annie,
      I hope my poem was not too silly or mushy, but I guess I am both. 2nd day of chemo and all is well. It will be a long, grueling recovery, but I am ready for it. Hope you can visit me in Bethany this summer. Any spare time in the next few weeks?
      New kitchen is teeny tiny and I know you have amazing organizational skills. Adam bought contact paper to cover the 1970’s pressed wood cabinets. Going to be a challenge for sure. Hutch in dining room will be used for servers, wine cups etc….no room for decorations. How bold am I to ask for more help? I know you travel all over the place, so no worries if you are not available. xoxoxox alwaya


  5. Joan Rhoades says:

    wow, Nancy…I so appreciate your posts and no matter what you say…what you are going through (which I know is healing and will make your life so much better) is AMAZING and can’t be without pain and anxiety…and yet your smile is glowing and so are you!!! Sometimes the being human thing (!) and what we do to keep on keeping on is humbling and challenging. You rise up to meet the challenge…as you always have..THANK you for setting an example for all of us and I know there are so many who admire you and your fortitude. BLESSINGS to you and all those who are there taking good care of you too… 🙂


    • less pain than usual..so weird…just extremely weak. So many, many lovely people have come to my aid with shopping, donations, tidying up my room, making me tea, taking me OUTSIDE, and including me in their loving families.
      I am BLESSED for sure. Love you, Joan!



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