June 29- Second Day of Chemotherapy- Day 14

Happy Birthday, Sheila!!!

Happy Birthday, Sheila!!!


This was the highlight of yesterday! Hope to get out more.

it looks like a birthday balloon from far away!  I'm wearing hospital attire for Day 2 of Chemo

It looks like a birthday balloon from far away! I’m wearing hospital attire for Day 2 of Chemo


Nurse Olga took care of me all day long!!!


This was farewell to my dear friend Tom. He was here with his niece, Hatice and her husband, Kemal. He needs to go back to Melbourne for his son’s wedding in July! He was a good friend, shopped for cheese, chocolate, fruits and vegees and made a lovely donation to my hospital bill. When, I’m able to travel, I’ll be visiting his beautiful family in Melbourne!


Hatice has also been a great help to me.   She visits, makes me  tea and heats up yummy food her husband picked up!  She will do fine with HSCT.  I think she’s on the same schedule as Kellie and Judi 🙂




Tom is such a genuinely delightful man!


Hatice and Kamel

This is Allan and Nicky who just arrived to take Tom’s place.  I’ve been  told to ask them for anything I need..but my fridge is stocked : )





Hope Mellha is used to her husband getting a smooch from a tie dyed beanie wearing lady : )

The highlight of today was an extremely festive tea party in the doctor’s lounge area.

Dr.Federonko and Anastasia has been working so hard collecting  videos from past patients and organizing this 5th year anniversary. The videos were heartfelt and full of humor and depicted how lives had improved for the better,  There were previous many previous  HSCT  patients there,  the food was delicious and the conversation was lively.  Many of the Russians spoke English and were able to translate for the rest.  It was a living tribute to Dr. Fedorenko’s dedication to his patients. The staff had a lovely gathering for current & past patients today!  Anastasia made a delicious surprise cake for  Sheila’s birthday. I loved hearing the successful stories from people of all ages and types of autoimmune diseases.  I was fortunate to be sitting across from Tatyana I. Iovona, PhD.  She works for the European Hematology Association, Scientific Working Group for the Quality of Life and Symptoms.  Geraldine Padilla, PhD  will be so happy to be in contact with Tatyana again!!!  I believe they worked together in 2006.


Tatyana I. Iovona, PhD



Tatyana I. Iovona, PhD. sitting between a patient who had HSCT 3 months ago and parents who are considering the treatment for their son.















Usually, I want the photos taken, but Day 2 of chemo was not an easy day for me! I was so glad that I got dressed and attended!



I also got to sit next to Rosemary, Kellie’s aunt. We meet people for a few days and such strong bonds form. It’s a very supportive group of patients and family members.


Hat has been fun to wear. It seems some kind of baby food meat product comes in a similar jar: )  It has not been opened yet!

Hat has been fun to wear. It seems some kind of baby food meat product comes in a similar jar: ) It has not been opened yet!


15 Comments on “June 29- Second Day of Chemotherapy- Day 14”

  1. Joan Rhoades says:

    BEAUTIFUL! It is so heart warming to see the bonding of families and patients and “staff”…I am sure it is a huge part of healing to feel such loving connections…BLESSINGS to all…<3


  2. Eddie Nash says:

    I see so much joy!


  3. Joan Hatfield says:

    Nancy every night I have a glass of wine, I drink to your health and strong spirit. You have such an amazing attitude. You are truly amazing! Take care of yourself. With so many people praying and wishing you well, it’s can’t fail love, Joan


    • thanks, Joan
      taking a much needed break from red wine, and vodka for a while! Catherine came for 7 or 8 hours and packed up my whole kitchen! She does more in an hour than I can do in one month.


  4. Annie says:

    Oops, I meant tie dye! Is this the correct spelling????


  5. Annie says:

    Nancy, you look so cute in that hat! It reminds me of the kids at school in the winter with their different animal hats.
    I love the tie died beanie too!
    Only you can make going through chemo seem like a party!
    I know it is not easy, but seems like you have so much love and support there.
    Love you!


    • lots of love and support from all over the world! Tie dye beanies are from Roll Up’N Dye – check out her facebook page! Been searching unsuccessfully for 200 kids/adults who will make tie dye shirts for my fundraising. Shirts, dyes, Erin Cassell’s expertise and her time will be donated. Any ideas?


  6. brookeslick says:

    My favorite pic is the one of you and the baby food (which I did not eat). It is priceless! Stay strong, Nancy. You have tons of us cheering you on! 🙂


  7. Joan Cleary says:

    Nancy, It’s not easy for you but I’m so proud of you for having the courage to get this done. Can’t wait to see you after it’s all over. Love from sunny (and hot) Florida.


  8. msedita22 says:

    Nancy, you are in our prayers. I have shared your blog with my SIL so she may see what it is like cor someone currently there.


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