So sorry this post is a day late.  Will try to do better.  Lot’s going on, but the best is yet to come!!!
Today was a much better day for me.  Woke up totally exhausted from a night of contstant peeing from the chemo.  Had exiting plans to leave the hospital for a while and tour the grounds.  But first, a necessary nap!

i was dressed and ready for our adventure, but first needed a nap!

i was dressed and ready for our adventure, but was not able to move at all.

Nicky (Nebahat) and Hadice were happy to be enjoying the sunshine too!







It was a beautiful day around 80 degrees and my 4th time out of the hospital!



I wanted to see the grounds of the hospital, the flowers, trees and statues.  Ali, Nehabat and  Hatice knew i would not make it with my rollator, so Ali wheeled me around the premises.








Love this photo and these two people!



not sure about the disrepair of these stairs….inquiring minds want to know more.






Ali worked hard pushing me on the uneven roads. “Rah khoob neest”, as we would say in farsi : )


Thrilled to be outside, getting some fresh air and some sunshine!


I got out of the wheelchair as much as possible.


Kind of dressed for the fourth of July! Ali and Nebahat have taken me on as family….along with many other of my new friends in Moscow.



                                       A very relaxed, yet mangy looking cat resting near the church.  I was glad it was just sleepy.



Today, it was just the four of us. I try to recruit anyone who wants some sunshine and a change of scene.
Rosemary, Kellie’s aunt took this! Somehow, I expected her to be in the photo too…Silly me : )



Rosemary and John were heading out as we were heading in after hours. After hours means stairs, no ramp….but I did it : )





























8 Comments on “n3kids@gmail.com”

  1. Click Here says:

    You’re experience is extremely helpful.


  2. joanie, daily stuff is important. crossing off things on a to do list is very important. xoxoxo


  3. Anne Boccaccino Graham says:

    I hope you got my message but I don’t think I did this right so here I go again. I am so, so sorry to read this. I have been off FB for a bit since the passing of Mom. I want you to know I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I know you can beat the crap out of this and I pray for a speedy recovery. I want to see those posts of yours from the beach. You hear me girl???


    • Anne, I think of you often and hope you are coping well, even though your mom is so missed.
      S0 far, so good hear. No medical problems. I got my stem cellls reinfused today and It was easier than I anticipated. Isolation soon and then home to heal and recover. Can’t wait to smell the ocean air : )


  4. Karen Lerario says:

    Your smile is an amazing constant in all these pictures. Amidst it all you bring joy. Amazing you. GO NANCY!!!!!\


    • I am so happy to be here in a hospital that has a plan for an improved quality of life. Have been too fatigued to keep up with daily blog, or even proper thank yous for my donations, but hopefully soon. I made the right choice am in great
      medical hands of a caring, extremely well qualified doctor and probably smile when I sleep! I love you and hope to see you in Bethany! Tired, but in Bethany!


  5. Joan Rhoades says:

    so happy that you get to go outside and get some rays!!!! looks beautiful, actually…flowers, clear sunshine…YEA!!! thinking of you so often while I do my thing…nothing exciting..just daily stuff!!! xoxoxox


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