JULY 4TH- Celebrating our birthdays (7/3/14) & our new lives – Day 20

Well, July 3rd came with little trepidation. It was the day of my reinfusion, or official transplant day.  I was excited, but still fatigued.  I had heard about all the scenarios that could make stem cell reinfusion a bit uncomfortable.  I had my camera team ready.  No immediate family were in the country.  So, Matt ‘volunterred’ to be my videographer and Anastasia ‘agreed’ to take photos. I had forgotten how the prep for the reinfusion is simpler and shorter than the actual procedure. 


                             The  extended prep time allowed me to use my laptop for a bit.

photo (1)

Now, the team was ready, but I wanted to lay down and not be propped up on one pillow.


I asked Dr. Fedorenko about the liquid nitrogen process and he showed me how it would be thawed.




This is how simple it is to get your own stem cells back.  By the way, the whole time, Dr. Fedorenko was asking me about my symptoms.  Slight metallic taste at the back of my throat, I coughed a few times, and saw a few black dots. My stomach hurt a bit.  I wanted to go to sleep : )

No bone crushing men sitting on my chest, no smell of creamed corn.  It all went very smoothly and quickly. What I did not know until it was all over was my heart rate was all over the place during the procedure.  Another EKG was scheduled for the next morning.


One bag was already done.  Remember, it took me two days to collect the 2 million that I needed.   If you are squeamish, look away.  Remember, stem cells are bloody red!


The next bag was getting ready for reinfusion, by placing them into the vials.  Effortless reinfusion because of our wonderful jugular catheter.  Bag one is completed! Bag two went quickly too!


After a much needed nap, Sheila and I celebrated our new birthdays, on July 3, 2014.  We enjoyed the traditional throwing of the liquid nitrogen down the hallway.  IMG_0214

Dr. Fedorenko presented the New Life Pin to both of us. It’s the symbol of the Iris.
My dad used to plant many irises, so it has an extra significance of  importance to me! 


                     It was a very happy day and we celebrated by sharing chocolate, not vodka!


            Then we gathered the four of us who celebrated
our new birthdays in the last two days!



                                                            HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!


 Last year we celebrated the fourth of July by enjoying  all our neighbors at the Millers driveway party : )




















20 Comments on “JULY 4TH- Celebrating our birthdays (7/3/14) & our new lives – Day 20”

  1. Jayne Prin says:

    Nancy – we are neighbors on Spring Bloom, but I don’t think we’ve met. Just wanted to say congratulations and let you know that you and your family are in our prayers! Jayne


  2. Lynn says:

    Nancy, I love reading your posts. In all the pictures you look like a beautiful warrior! Thinking of you constantly and can’t wait to see you when you return. Your baby steps look like giant leaps to me. Go girl, go!


    • Hopefully more posts soon! Want to thank the people who continuously help me by sending funds to help defray the cost of treatment and related expenses! Then time for more blogs! I am literally taking baby ‘Bambi’ steps, but strength will come after some serious recuperation! Thanks so much, Lynn!


    • Lynn, It was an amazing adventure and I’m feeling better than ever!
      Thank you for al your good wishes!


  3. Susan says:

    Happy for you and your friends, Nancy.


    • Susan, best decision ever to have treatment here. It is an amazingly positive place whose main concern is to increase the quality of life of its patients. Drs, nurses, med techs, support staff, cleaning staff care so much about our well being. Dr is a true healer who cares deeply about each and every one of us. Patients from around the world have bonded and help each other as well! Thank you, my dear friend for being so supportive from day one! I love you!


    • Susan! So happy I went, so happy to be back in Bethany. Now, about that visit that you want to make! Would love to see you!


  4. Joan Cleary says:

    Happy, proud, relieved. Nancy you are amazing. Congratulations on your rebirth and new life! Hoping the rest of your Moscow adventure is easier. Love you.


    • Joan and Scott! Thanks again for your continuous generous donations and love and support! Going to miss seeing you, now that you’re both official FLorida residents. xoxoxo
      Joan, you’ve always been such a big part of our lives!
      Best college roommate EVER!!!
      Love and hugs, Nancy


    • Joan,
      I have to call you soon to see how YOU are doing! Moscow was amazing on every level.
      So glad I went and I thank you again for your support!
      IN Bethany and doing extremely well!


  5. Mike Shulo says:

    Happy Rebirthday to you, God Speed in your recovery/regeneration.


  6. Leslie says:

    Yeah!!! So happy for you! Happy re-birth!!!!!


    • Thanks so much, Leslie. If the ease of this procedure was an indication of how easily I will go through rehab, I would really happy. I think that they call the honeymoon phase. Everything feels good. I’m so pumped up full of drugs, but I’m ready for the fight!


  7. Joan Rhoades says:



  8. Eddie Nash says:

    Life restored !! You will begin to have “the littlest things” begin to occur . Maybe you will realize, “wait wait a minute I couldn’t do that so easily just last week!” Hang in the and each of the new accomplishments are the tiny stepping stones to your new future.


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