July 10th – last day before isolation – Day 26

So Saturday, July 5th was a weird day for me.   I think I was still thrown off a little bit from the previous day when I learned that although  we had just shared a ‘New Life Birthday” on July 3rd, Sheila was going into isolation the very next day.  I was so surprised how quickly ones numbers can change.  Her numbers must have dropped  quickly and it was her time for isolation.  We were used to daily visits and I was going to miss her and her husband, Dan.  The ‘plan’ was to enter isolation on the same day and be isolation buddies.  But, she always has the best attitude and was not concerned : )

I knew it would be my last day of going outside in the sunshine for many days.  Our blood work is taken daily along with our blood pressure and temperature 3x/day. I also had been told that Sunday, July 6th was going to be my first day of isolation.  I had to time my outings between two drip infusions that I was getting twice a day, so bathroom timing before an outing was an important part of the plan. Got the first one in the morning and kept waiting for the second one to arrive. I waited for so long. when Anastasia stopped by, I asked her talk to my nurse.  My second infusion had been hours ago when I was having lunch!  I had no memory of it at all : )   I finally got dressed and visited Judi and Gro.  Our plan was to practice tying scarves around our soon to be bald heads.  Adam face timed in the middle of the session. At this point, he has ‘met’ many of the other patients and spoken with Dr. Fedorenko too. My laptop ran out of battery  before I could locate the video. Gro remembered the most and gave us a solid lesson.   I was disappointed that I could not get one last bit of sunshine before  Isolation, but things have a way of working themselves out.