July 12th – Isolation – Day 27

Dr. Fedorenko visits patients every day, even on the weekends.  I explained what happened the day before and how I really needed just an hour of sunshine.  He agreed it would be a good idea, but that I must wear a mask until I returned to my room.  I was so happy.  I masked up and entered the elevator to go down to the first floor. My first elevator selfie, wearing my mask, of course!DSCN3595

I was going to meet Brendan, but the timing did not work out well.  Had to take my favorite stairs, because the ramp door is closed on the weekends.  I was still going to be thrilled just to sit outside by myself for a bit of sunshine!  Much to my delight, Nebahat and her husband Ali, Hatice’s family was just arriving for their visit.
We all enjoy spending time together and they did not mind having Hatice wait a little bit more to see them.  I  had a feeling that Hatice would be ok with it too.

DSCN3599I had been so excited that I was allowed outside, I left my room quickly.  I was wearing my same clothing as the day before.  Everything needed a solid washing, but I did not care.  I did not even attempt a  scarf to cover the catheter tubing.  I was outside!!!!!  We took a few more photos to remember my last day outside for a long time!

DSCN3601Then Wayne showed up.  We had not yet met.  But, I had met his wife, Misha a few times.  She was staying on the second floor, in a hopefully spacious room ( have not actually seen it), whose window opens for fresh air!!!  By the way, I did not remove my mask for the photos….not so vain.  One of the earpieces popped off.


Also, not a vanity photo of me, but a lovely smile on Nebahat. Just an up close look at my hanging, jugular catheter with some lovely tape : )


Sunshine allotment time almost complete,  Ali and  Nebahat went inside too to visit Hadice.  I decided I still had time to stop off on the second floor to have my last face to face visit with Brendan. I did grab a new mask, so we were not actually face to face : )  His dad, Bob was visiting too. So, I had  double the fun!
We took the time to share some photos.  His from his laptop and my two photo albums that my daughter, Dana had assembled.   This lovely sign was in the elevator!

DSCN3608I arrived back on the 3rd floor ready for my isolation,  I took some photos of how ISOLATION doors look.  They have  a bright green notice on them for no entry without full coverage from head to toe.

DSCN3613                                            Got to see Gro one last time before isolation : )


My isolation period started Saturday, July 5th.  It was two days after  I received my stem cells back.  It’s been fine.  Daily intensive cleaning – Linens changed, room cleaned from walls to floor and I have cleaning routine for my entire body and  get help to accomplish it and get dressed.