Sunday, July 20th – Haven’t updated since the fatigue hit – leaving Moscow this morning.

IMG_0561Apologies in advance.  So many things have happened at this amazing hospital.
Once the fatigue set in, I had to rest so much more.  Lots of photos to come, lots of wonderful patients as well.
Marian and ‘Robert arrived yesterday.  They were here to witness and enjoy a new life celebration!

Yesterday, was Saturday, July 19th.  Dr. Fedorenko gave me all the testing  results, as well as MRI”s and discharge instructions. He was thorough, as usual and answered all my questions.
Afterwards, Marian, Robert and I went to a local grocery store and Robert pushed me in a transport wheelchair.  It was too far for me to walk using my rollator.  Once we were back on the hospital grounds, I  decided I would walk for a bit, pushing the wheel chair  for balance and stability  I walked really slow, but  I continued  for a for about 1/2 hr and it felt so good!  It was the first time I had ventured outside for almost one week.

Once inside the hospital entrance with my four ‘favorite’ stairs, Robert carried the wheelchair up the stairs.  I decided to walk while holding the railing.  It was not difficult at all.  There was a full flight of stairs that I’d never attempted before.  Marian was nearby, but I did not require her assistance.  I continued to easily climb the stairs.
So, I went up one more flight of stairs!  Hip flexors and quads cooperated and I thrilled I had even attempting the stairs!

I feel ready to go home to Bethany where we have lots of stairs : )


26 Comments on “Sunday, July 20th – Haven’t updated since the fatigue hit – leaving Moscow this morning.”

  1. Kylie Torrens says:

    That’s wonderful news xxx


  2. Eddie Nash says:

    Wendy Nash (my wife) would love to get the chance to meet with you when you are in Florida!


  3. Annie says:

    Can’t wait to talk to you and hear your voice! Welcome home and do try to rest, which you need. I am in albuquerque visiting miki…
    Love ya,


  4. Joan Cleary says:

    Hooray!!! Welcome home! Wish I was there to great you but building a room for your visit to FL.


  5. Barbara Gewirtz says:

    You are about to land in a minute or so! Enjoy the climb back to restored health and functioning. Welcome home! xo


  6. cas124 says:

    I am so incredibly happy for you. Have a safe flight.


  7. Leslie says:

    So happy to read this post Nancy. What progress! In such little time!

    Safe travels on your journey home. Remember how much rest is important when you get home so you can continue to improve every day.


  8. Tom Demirtas says:

    Congratulations Nancy!!!!
    I wish you all the best and hope to maintain our friendship.
    Good Luck and Be Good!!
    Hope to hear from you soooon!!!!!


    • Thanks so much, Tom. It was such a pleasure meeting you and spending time with Hatice. We are friends for life. Thank you for all you the research you did on her behalf! You are a wonderful brother and you saved her life. I am forever grateful for you and I know Allana and Kamel feel the same way!
      Of course, I appreciate all you and your family did for me too. Every visit from Hatice was special! Congratulations again on your son’s marriage ❤


  9. Joan Rhoades says:

    YIPPEE!! YEA!!! WAHOO!!! common home, girl!!! REST! watch the ocean! feel the sand! enjoy the sun! and practice the stairs!!! So happy for you! Planning on seeing you soon… 🙂


    • Stairs are fine and I’m delighted because we have so many! Happy to be seeing you soon! But, you MUST remind me of the dates once again : )
      Have not stepped on the sand yet. Still just walking around the neighborhood with patient Adam : ) I move pretty slowly, but I’m moving!


  10. msedita22 says:

    Keep climbing and reaching fir the stars….


  11. Eddie Nash says:

    FIrst the LITTLE THINGS!
    THe stairs! WHat next? It is like discovering an entire new body you now have!
    And the best is yet to come!


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