August 3rd – Many Apologies for not keeping up with my blog!

Since I experienced severe fatigue after isolation, I’ve only blogged once.  I’ve been home now for two weeks, but am going back in time to when I was still in Moscow.  I’ll be updating more regularly now that I’m feeling so much better.

One of the most important days at the hospital was the day I received my stem cells back, July 3, 2014. This is a photo of me receiving my stem cells.


This is the monitor that was in the room.  I felt fine, although I was seeing black spots.  I did not know my blood pressure was all over the place during the transplantation.  Dr. Fedorenko ordered an ECG the next day and everything was fine.

10502540_1524198117800283_4156570709116600912_n - Version 2

This is the video that Matt, Andrea’s husband took of my stem cell transplantation. Dr. Fedorenko held my hand during the procedure.  I asked about the Russian words for breathe in, and breathe out – Dookh – Venab.  My heart was fine, my stomach was a little upset. It was easy.


These are the photos of the celebration a few hours after Sheila and I received our stem cells back.  It was so much fun! Throwing the liquid nitrogen from the bucket that the stem cells were stored in are a major part of the stem cell celebration. It really was a joyous occasion.  Sheila was just as excited as I was!


                                                          This was just a little bit of it of the liquid nitrogen.


This one is fuzzy, but I love it anyway.


I scared Sheila a little bit with this one.  Dr. Fedorenko enjoys every minute of it too!


  I tried to get every bit of the liquid nitrogen out of the bucket!

10527332_1524201364466625_9014409262268532148_n-1Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!  It was a festive celebration.  I had a bar of chocolate for everyone to share.  I missed the next two birthday celebrations because I was in isolation.  I could not even hear anything!  The next two I got to experience were after I got out of isolation and the celebration food spread was over the top!


This was Gro Larsen’s New Life Birthday celebration! Look at that throw!!!



11 Comments on “August 3rd – Many Apologies for not keeping up with my blog!”

  1. FLEA FOOT says:

    wondered where you were, so pleased you are upto blogging again.


  2. Anne seibright says:

    Thinking of you Nancy…all the way from Australia. My son troy will be at Pirogov in 48 days


  3. ali says:

    great to see you smileing again nancy you done it


  4. msedita22 says:

    Hey Nancy, so good to hear all is progressing well.


  5. Tom Demirtas says:

    Nancy !!!!!! How are you???
    I miss your lovely smile. I hope your doing well and everythings good good .
    Take care .


    • Tom! All is well. I’ve been missing Hatice and we’ve talked a bit. We need to find a good time to Skype/facetime each other. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for her! and for me when we were in Moscow : )


  6. Joan Rhoades says:

    Hi Nancy…So glad to hear from you…I assumed you were resting and exhausted so I wasn’t worried…we are on our way home from Bainbridge Island…driving…will get home tomorrow (or very late today!) and then I get ready to come east…I will vein touch…take good care and enjoy the beach!!!! ❤


    • Joan! All is well. Let me know when you are thinking of visiting! I will let Harriet and Kathleen know : ) I had dear friends who lived in Bainbridge Island! Can’t wait to see all of you!


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