August 12th – Recovering in Bethany

I was glad I practiced walking up over two flights of stairs on my last day in the hospital.  It gave me confidence that it would not be a problem when I got home.  We have a lot of stairs at home and I was really ecstatic that stairs were not a problem for me.  I do hold onto the railing and I   am not speedy!!!
I started walking outside the day after I arrived home as per Dr. Fedorenko’s suggestion.  I walked slowly, but walked for a half hour in my neighborhood and my legs did not complain.  Before HSCT, I had not gone for a walk for over 4 years.  I walked where I had to walk.  After 10 minutes, my legs would get heavy and I would get fatigued.  This was a major change that was obvious to my family and close friends. Rehab won’t start until I’m home for a month, so any improvements that are noticeable now are pretty exciting for me.IMG_5915



These photos were actually taken the 2nd day I was walking.  I decided after my walk that I would peek at the beach.  I was not ready to walk on the sand yet.  This is the view from the top of the walkway to the beach. I was happy just to see the water!


It was a windy day, & my hat looked very silly.
But, I was lucky to see my neighbors, Karen, Miles and Mallory heading home from the beach!



My son, Jonathan, knew I really enjoy the beach and sitting in a circle with my friends and neighbors.  I call it a circle of love.
He made me a ‘beach wheelchair’ from old riding lawn mower parts and added a seat from a car.  I was expecting PVC pipes, not heavy steel.  Jonathan has a creative mechanical 
engineering  mind and added things he thought were important.  The cooler had it’s own spot and could be used to elevate my legs and of course, carry beer : )


Jonathan surprised me with his visit and with his beach wheelchair.  It was not at all what I was expecting!


I was pushed, by Adam (on the left) and pulled by Jonathan (on the right) through the sand and although I held on really tight, I loved it!


Sari, Jonathan’s girlfriend visited me 3x during the first two weeks I was back from Moscow.  Once she came with Jonathan, and twice she came by herself. She is always incredibly helpful when she comes and she knows  I appreciate all her efforts!!! 


I was expecting to have great difficulty walking on the sand.  I thought I would need a strong man on both sides of me.
I was so surprised that I was able to walk better on the sand than last year.   I still need an arm  for balance, but my feet are able to lift higher and clear the sand much easier.  I am not sure if my walking will regress if I get extremely fatigued.  But for now, I do not need the festive beach wheelchair!


Adam and I were heading out to my next door neighbor’s for dinner and the Boarman/Priesters + Lucy were passing by.
I’m always so happy to see Katie, Lucy, Anne, Jane and Charlie!


 An unexpected visit from Tom, Scott and Kamran, who rode their bicycles to come and see me : )


Michele and Susan took my daily walk with me and were impressed with the bottle tree.  We have great soil for growing bottles in Bethany : )



A quick photo before they all headed back home to Maryland.


Another surprise visit!  Eva said she would stop by, but did not mention she was bringing Annie, Niki and Sue!

I am so glad that I chose beautiful Bethany Beach for my place to recover and heal.
I love all my beach neighbors and my visitors!!!  Let me know if you are in the area, I’d love to see you : )


13 Comments on “August 12th – Recovering in Bethany”

  1. Susan S says:

    So happy for your progress Nancy! The beach “rod” is amazing!! Your sons certainly are very thoughtful, loving men!! How blessed you are!! Can’t tell you how much I enjoy your updates! So inspiring!!


    • Thank you Susan! I appreciate all your encouragement. I’m happy for my progress so far. I am very thankful that my family and friends have been so supportive.
      This would not be easy to do all by myself!


  2. Pete McBride says:

    Back at the beach!! Glad to hear you’re doing well, Nancy…Best of luck on the rehab.


  3. Barbara Gewirtz says:

    It is so evident that the beach wheelchair was constructed with great love. I think the best part is the step up to get on it. I think Jonathan may have a leg up on the currently available durable medical equipment! Quite the way to ride, with one son pushing you and the other pulling you! It reminds me of a throwback to pulling them in a little red wagon….


  4. Janine Gates Brown says:

    You GO, Nancy!!! So happy for you!!👍😊



  5. I love the beach wheelchair, does it have a blender too?!


  6. Slowest street walker EVER : )


    • Barbara Gewirtz says:

      Slow going is okay. You’re getting out there each and every day and brightening the lives of the neighbors who see you on a path to better health….


  7. Karen Newcomer says:

    Love seeing you walking the streets of Tower Shores!


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