September 5, 2014 Recovery is a challenge!

I officially started my therapy.  I’ll be going twice a week for one & a half  hour of hand therapy with an occupational therapist and one & a half hour with a physical therapist back to back.  I was really fatigued after my first two appointments. The first time it took me two days to recover.  It was such a long day for me.  I didn’t get to take a walk around my neighborhood or go to the beach or the pool.  I could barely move.  My second session knocked me out too!  But after a few hours of just resting and deleting old emails, I went to the pool with Adam.  Exercising in the pool seems to rejuvenate me while I’m in the water.   I can only walk for 10 to 15 minutes now and my legs feel heavy the whole time.  That is half of what I had been doing prior to starting therapy : (  

Recovery is much more difficult than anything I’ve experienced before.  I am hopeful that I will get a bit stronger in a few weeks and be able to walk for a longer period of time.

This photo is of me with Trish and Heather.  This was the first time we were all together this summer!


This photo was taken the same day. My dear friend Jeff from high school joined us on the beach!


Adam took this picture of my alien head from the back : )


On a much more positive note, Sari and Jonathan were with us this past weekend.  I’ve not seen Sari for one month.  She said she can see improvements in my walking…even if it’s not apparent to me : )


EBD&G= everyone but Dana and Greg









4 Comments on “September 5, 2014 Recovery is a challenge!”

  1. Jenny Ongyiu says:

    Hi Nancy, I am happy for your fast recovery… Go go gurl! God Bless!😇


    • Jenny,
      I wish it was a fast recovery. Like all of us, I have good days and bad days and good weeks and bad weeks. It’s a battle to increase strength, stamina and stay positive!
      I really appreciate your support and I hope you’re doing well!


  2. alan says:

    nancy im happy to hear from you stay strong you will pull threw this im sure stay strong not long now just remember when i took you for a walk in the hospital gounds and what we talked about thanks hatices brother alan and nebahat cheers keep in touch

    Liked by 1 person

    • Alan,
      HSCT and recovery are a huge physical and emotional challenge. All of us need positive reinforcement throughout the procedure and during the months and years afterwards.
      We are all fighting to have a better quality of life for us and our families.
      I hope you, Nebahat and your family are doing well.


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