Why Russia?

Russia is one of a few countries that offer HSCT for PPMS patients.  Dr. Fedorenko in Moscow treats and has success with patients who have my type of MS.  He has been helping patients with HSCT for almost 10 years.  I’ve spoken with over 20 of his patients.  Every single one of them praises Dr. Fedorenko and his team, the nursing staff, the level of asepsis and the security at the hospital.  His patients all agree that he is a very warm and thoughtful person who provides compassionate care.  I spoke with him over the phone to discuss HSCT for PPMS treatment. He was extremely helpful and  answered all of my questions.  I asked about the testing, the procedure and his results for stopping the disease and progression for PPMS patients.  I feel fortunate that I found such a reputable and caring doctor who includes PPMS patients in his treatment protocol.

HSCT for MS is still in the clinical trial phase here in the US, and those trials have limited spaces and very strict eligibility requirements.


The A.A. Maximov Department of Hematology and Cellular Therapy, National Pirogov Medical Surgical Center, Moscow, Russia    
Maximov performs HSCT for both bone marrow malignancies (such as leukemia) and also several types of autoimmune diseases.  They have ten treatment beds reserved for HSCT patients.  Five beds are reserved for cancer patients, and five for autoimmune patients.

In order to meet the criteria to receive HSCT for autoimmune diseases at Maximov, a patient must be in sufficiently good health to tolerate the procedure (including good heart and renal function).  Patients with Multiple Sclerosis must not be ‘severely’ disabled – they must have an approximate EDSS of less than 6.0.

Maximov has treated more than 250 patients with autoimmune disorders with 0% TRM (Treatment Related Mortality).
No one has died : )

Blogs of other patients who have already received treatment in Moscow.
Amy Peterson, Austin, TX – amygoesninja.wordpress.com
Jeff Root, Honolulu, HI  – rootingoutms.wordpress.com
Tammy Kazen-Reichert, Battle Ground, WA  – tamstopms.wordpress.com
Vicki Wilson, Little Rock, AR – kickinms.com
Kristy Cruise, Gold Coast, Australia – movingmountains2013.com
Sheli Smith, Euless, TX  – kissmsgoodbye.wordpress.com
Keith Moore, Ottawa, Canada – hsctinrussia.weebly.com
Lisa Stallings, Oklahoma City, OK  – fromrussiawithlisa.wordpress.com
Edmund Pires, Bristol, RI  –  edbeatsms.com

Arriving in Moscow in April
Jamie Stewart – Hicksville, ND – stew34.tumblr.com
Susan Dean – San Diego, CA – hsctforcidpnmsnad.blogspot.com



2 Comments on “Why Russia?”

  1. Annie says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I just read through your blog and found it so interesting and amazing. I learned a lot about MS and what you have been going through these past few years.
    It is wonderful that you have found this doctor and now have hope.
    We all take so much for granted and reading your story makes me appreciate the little things that I can do, like getting up and walking without help, etc.
    You are so brave and strong to be doing what you are about to do and I wish you the best possible outcome (of course).
    You have always been such a positive, warm and wonderful person and I know this will help you get through it and have success.
    I hope to talk to you soon.
    Love always,


    • Annie! I’m so glad you took the time to read it….but on your birthday? : )
      Maybe I just got the notification today….
      I do get jealous of people who can walk with ease. It’s easy to take walking for granted, because it comes so easy for most people. I’m so glad I got to see you and Eva last summer and I hope to see you soon. I appreciate all your kind words and good wishes.
      Love you too!


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