June 11, 2014 Leaving in a few days : )

Here we go!  Only three more days until I’m on my way to Moscow!  If I don’t see you before Friday, the next time you’ll see me I’ll have a whole new immune system!  It’s all very exciting, but the planning and fundraising has been very stressful.  Not to mention my family is in the middle of moving to a smaller home, which is no walk in the park either (actually, I don’t remember my last walk in a park, but I’m sure I was holding someones arm for balance).
I’m not worried about my HSCT treatment.  What worries me the most is returning to our new home and seeing how my loved ones have placed the furniture and set up the kitchen : )

I’m almost packed and still trying to get everything organized for my family while I’m gone.
Two days ago I received some beautiful, soft head covers from Brenda Lou, a former patient of Dr. Burt in Chicago and yesterday my son, Adam,  picked up two festive tie dye beanies from Erin Cassell, the mastermind behind Roll Up ‘N’ Dye.
Between the two of them, I’ll be well covered!
I’ve officially surpassed half of my fundraising goal and I am so grateful for all of the continued support.
Some more fundraisers are coming up and I hope to be able to have enough for my treatment! This Saturday, June 14th, Adam will be operating  one of Go Melvo’s  SnoBall trucks at the Bert Jabin Yacht Yard, 7310 Edgewood Rd. Annapolis MD  from 10 to 4 as part of their Marina Day celebration.  All proceeds from the snoball sales will be donated to my treatment.


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Yesterday, 5 former patients of Dr. Fedorenko from Australia, Pennsylvania, Arkansas and Texas met in Dallas, Texas. They are all doing extremely well after HSCT. Three had RRMS and two had PPMS.  They had interviews with local CBS and ABC stations.  They should both be airing tonight.

Krisry Cruise, Brooke Slick, Vicki Taylor Wilson, Sheli Yvonne Godbold and Lisa Stallings.

Krisry Cruise, Brooke Slick, Vicki Taylor Wilson, Sheli Yvonne Godbold and Lisa Stallings.

I’m looking forward to finally meeting Dr. Fedorenko, Anastasia, the rest of the HSCT staff and the patients who I’ve been enjoying getting to know on facebook!!!
I also want to give a special shout out with lots of healing thoughts to my niece, Hilary, who is having major back surgery today.  Love you Hil!

Jonathan and Sari got me a special farewell beer!


It was delicious!

It was delicious!


***actually from Denmark : )

9 Comments on “June 11, 2014 Leaving in a few days : )”

  1. Mary says:

    yeah…. prayers and best wishes.


  2. You’ll be able to find me for sure!
    I can let you know what I forgot to bring : )


  3. Joan/Terry Rhoades says:

    BLESS you, dear Nancy and I know you will be treated well and will come back to your family and your friends well on the road to being well and stable!!! KNOW you are loved and blessed and in our hearts. Harriet and I want to come see you in Bethany when you get back!!! If that is ok with you, of course!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Joan


  4. Terri Arnold says:

    Sending you love and prayers for a safe trip to Russia. I look forward to hearing of your return to the States with a ‘new & improved’ immune system.


  5. Can’t wait to meet you. Be sure to pm me your room number so I’ll be able to find you. You can prepare me since you’ll go through each step before I.


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